Our school

At St Joseph’s School, Millmerran we are proud to continue the tradition of the Sisters of St Joseph who began teaching at the school in 1959.  Academic excellence and knowing the person of Jesus are key pillars underpinning daily life at our school.   

St Joseph's is a family orientated, Prep to Year 6 school that aims to foster a community of care where education, love and pastoral care work together for the best outcome for our students and their families. We believe that the success of each student comes from a strong, supportive partnership between parents, teachers, students, the Parish and the wider community. 

Our school prayer captures our hopes for students at St Joseph’s School, Millmerran. 

This is our school let peace dwell here. 
Let the rooms be full of contentment. 
Let love abide here. 
Love one another 
Love all people 
Love life itself 
Love God. 
Let us remember, that many hands build a house 
So many hearts make a school. 

“There is an incredible sense of belonging and inclusivity at the school, with all being welcome. St Joseph’s focuses on teaching students morals and values whilst being critical thinkers, with a strong social conscience.  We have always felt welcomed and included, as the school places a strong emphasis, not just on education, but on caring for the family as a whole.”  Brett and Tanya French (parents)